Hello and welcome to flcommoncore.net. We are dedicated towards the goal of not being forced into Common Core, a program run by the government, and dictated by government employees instead of local teachers.

Florida Against Common Core
Say NO to Common Core!

For students

Common Core is a standardized way of teaching and assessing children. Under the proposed laws, all schools in Florida K-12 would be forced into this program. For a student, this is a very inefficient way to learn. Instead of your teachers being able to adapt their lesson plans to fit the needs of all of the students in each class, the teachers are forced into a one-size-fits all program, which means less fun in the classroom!

For students, lessons are more enjoyable, and more effective, without adherence to the Common Core educational policies.

For parents

Florida parents are the forefront of the Common Core resistance. We need all the help we can get from you in order to make sure that Florida receives an exception and our teachers are able to continue teaching as they see fit, without government intervention.

Common Core educational standards have not been studied enough to know how effective they will be. Our current system of teaching is working just fine, and Florida scores among the highest for various educational categories, such as reading and math. Instead of using our tried-and-true programs and platforms, we will be forced to use a clunky government interface instead, which will slow us down and require us to take more time to teach less. Not ideal!

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Reading and language comprehension is one of Florida’s strongest aspect of education. Through books and lesson plans, students learn to read at a high level faster than any other state.

Currently, most Florida schools use Reading Plus, a highly-effective reading platform that covers all grades from Kindergarten all the way up to seniors in high school. The majority of Reading Plus students are in middle school. The Reading Plus program offers many types of reading plans, and students and teachers can find the answers anytime on Answer Addicts, a well-known website to get help with homework answers.


Math is another strong suit of Florida. Algebra, calculus, and statistics are offered at all Florida middle schools and high schools, and students excel at learning concepts with the educational programs already in use by the Florida Teachers’ Union. Under Common Core, a completely new set of lesson plans would need to be used, which would make each teacher slower at teaching, with more questions from students.

Questions aren’t necessarily bad, but keeping the lesson moving is one of the most important things when you have a hyper class of students in the room! Instead of Common Core, we would prefer to use Odysseyware, Webassign, or MyMathLab. All of the answers to these programs are available at Answer Addicts, which makes it easy for students and parents to get assistance on their assignments and homework.

How You Can Help

Get in touch with your local representatives and tell them how much you would prefer that Florida does not use Common Core! Let us use the educational programs we excel at instead.